Facebook’s answer to pleas for a dislike button is actually much more forward thinking than what anyone might have thought of. For years, people have been asking, whether legitimately or in jest, for a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook to show disapproval or anything other than just agreement or “like.” After all, “liking” a post about a friend’s deceased pet is always a little conflicting.

However, Facebook’s Reactions will give users a much broader variety of emotions to use.

facebook reactions

With this array of emotions, used in the same way as the ‘Like’ button, users can display an equal variety of feelings on posts, including amazement, anger, love and amusement.

Your EDM has seen these on our posts since last October right around when they were announced, and we think they bring a lot of interesting interaction to the table. And according to Bloomberg Business, these new ‘reactions’ are right around the corner.

On mobile, they’ll be hidden within the Like button: you’ll have to press and hold Like for a moment before the new options — which Facebook calls “reactions” — pop up. From there, you can select one of the five new options, each of which is represented by a cute animated image.

‘Yay’ has apparently been removed from the final roll out, as Facebook says that it wasn’t “universally understood.”


via The Verge