One of Viper’s freshest duos have returned with a vengeance since their initial debut on the legendary Headroom EP with their absolute head-smashing song “Digital Murder.” Signed in 2014, they’ve wasted no time in carving their bold statement into the walls of the international drum and bass scene. Looking back through their artistic timeline, one can easily note that their track record of masterful production is flawless – with every release entering anthemic ranks almost immediately.

As part of two smashing tunes, Insomniax‘s “Uridium” is a prime example of why Viper locked them in as soon as possible. Theming from the characteristics of an ’80s- based arcade game, it’s quite easy to notice how the duo secured its namesake. From its inception, it takes listeners on an intergalactic journey through their signature sound in bass music. With masterful production and top-notch creativity, this single is an immediate pre-order.

Set for release this friday, January 29th, you can preorder here: