The Street Ritual crew has been absolutely crushing it on the release front lately. Which is unsurprising, really, considering their ears are always locked to the underground, searching for the freshest in forward thinking, psychedelic bass music. Case in point is today’s feature: the debut EP from San Diego’s 2 Guys on Acid.

A welcome new addition to the West Coast bass scene, the project is comprised of the talents of Noah Willis and Wyatt Hoff; just two trippy dudes from California’s southernmost metropolis with a love for everything weird and squelchy. Their goal is to experiment and have fun with their music, and we’d say they’re doing just that. Appropriately enough, this first official release is entitled Full Smack; appropriate because it will definitely smack your brain around a bit. A 4-track journey through lucid soundscapes, imaginative synth manipulation, and mind-bending melodies, there’s certainly something here for all lovers of glitch and mid-tempo. There’s even some liquid drum & bass in there, which we can never get enough of. If you get down to artists like Tipper, Opiuo, and others in that vein, you’ll love 2 Guys on Acid.

The Full Smack EP is available now via Street Ritual‘s Bandcamp and the full stream can be found after the jump. Give it a listen and be sure to support these talented newcomers!


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