To start, it seems appropriate for me to formally attribute my direct upbringing into the addictive world of drum and bass to Funktion Wednesdays, a Bassrush-fueled weekly that brought international talent to the city of Los Angeles for many years. Due to uncontrolled circumstances, it was laid to rest… until now. With their first show back, combining the collective talents of some of the most respected Viper Recordings artists in support of the legendary trio Noisia (in addition to some pretty cool local Bassrush talent *wink wink*), they’ve shown absolutely no sign of slowing down the revitalization of one of most monumental nights in drum and bass music.

Now, our favorite bass music crew has returned with the headliner of all headliners. The cream of the crop. The don amongst men. The one and only “Executioner”- Andy C. If by now you’re reading this and unaware of the man of the hour, I’d strongly suggest you step out of your dimly-lit cave in which you’ve been hiding and treat yourself. Known for his four deck vinyl tear out sets, if you haven’t witnessed the onslaught that is RAM Records’ founder’s performances, I’d make this show an absolute priority. Joined by Bassrush resident and fellow journalist DJ Nightstalker, in conjunction with one of Bassrush’s most talented DJs  (who also rinses with no limitations) DJ Fallen, this show held at Exchange LA is not one to miss. As the icing on the cake, long time veteran and incredibly talented MC Armanni Reign will be in the building hosting the night.

Luckily for you, we at Your EDM have been granted the opportunity to run a giveaway for a few tickets to this highly-anticipated showdown. We will announce the details in the coming days.