Nearly every time I come across a new release from neurofunk mastermind and Trendkill Records-head honcho Prolix, my stomach quivers a bit in excitement. Seemingly enough, having been a fan for several years now, I can adequately state that there’s not a single release in this legend’s discography that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. From his early projects to his recent tear outs, nearly every tune that’s shot out of that man’s DAW has ended up in my record crate, and for good reason.

Now, the badman has returned, but this time around on one of our favorite labels, Shogun Audio. With the title track aptly named “Nature Of Reality,” it’s an easy conclusion to recognize the ‘nature’ of the treacherous story line within the immediate structure of the chord progression. Rooting from the gloomy backdrops of Chris Prolix’s mind, the introduction to an imminent destruction point fits in communion with the production’s arrangement and theme. With shadowy ascent, the buildup kicks through the threshold of the drop with absolute ferocity- leaving listeners no other choice but to screw-face, and materialize into a human bobble head. This might possible be my favorite Prolix tune, and that’s truly saying something.

Luckily for us, this single is set for release on the 19th of February.

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