When the Autograf trio isn’t busy making art, running their own record label, or creating a space for contemporary visual artists to work together communally, they do what they do best (to me at least) – make music!

They’ve released quite a few remixes through 2016 already, but this marks their debut single for the year and most importantly of all, will serve as the lead single for their forthcoming EP Future Soup.

“Future Soup,” the song not the EP, features the vocal talent of Patrick Baker and according to the trio is meant to serve as a sort of motivational calling to other artists if you will.

Future Soup is our calling to everyone to weave their own story, to make their own metaphorical art series, whatever that may be.”

The full EP is set to release March 11th, but with Autograf is currently on their road showing off their new live set across the US and Canada don’t be surprised to hear tracks from the EP hidden amongst those live sets! Check out tour dates for the Metaphysical Tour below.

Metaphysical Tour