Tuesday’s can sometimes give you a feeling of the week just dragging on before the next weekend hits, but it’s our job as provider of good vibes to make sure that isn’t that case. As I sit here writing this article listening to this record, I can already feel the adrenaline starting to rush around my body.

Fiasko Daniels marks his Your EDM Records release with some absolutely disgusting bass house. “My Insides” takes a minimalistic intro that leaves much to the imagination as your mind wonders where your ears are going to be taken. Before you know it, wobbly basslines and filthy wubs are blasting at maximum volume. I bet you can’t listen to this without breaking out a shuffle.

“Bubble Blower” and “Vert Viola” are more aligned with the electro house vibe yet still retain a contemporary sound found consistently throughout the EP, marking Fiasko Daniels’ 2nd Your EDM Records EP. The four-time discovery winner has yet to stop grinding tracks and only has more music to offer, for the future of his ever evolving sound can be heard from even the beginning of this artists’ musical progression.