For many people, the draw to electronic dance music is not the music itself, but rather its vibrant culture. A culture of acceptance, elation, and celebrating life and each other. As a result, our community includes people of all kinds, from the socially adept to the emotionally withdrawn; there’s a place for everyone. And for those who do suffer from depression, dance music in and of itself can be a cure, helping to climb out of a seemingly hopeless trench. However, sometimes, even the raw energy of electronic dance music is not enough.

For those who might be battling with severe, treatment resistant depression, a new option is under research. Ketamine, the same substance that lurks in club shadows and follows the festival circuit, is now being used in trials to treat depression patients. Now, before you go and snort a mound of horse tranquilizer to your dome, remember that you are not a doctor (unless you have that PhD, of course). This research is being done with micro doses much smaller than what recreational users ingest, and has been administered with an IV over a two week period. And in this controlled environment, Ketamine has proven relatively successful as a last resort. Trials have incurred a 60% success rate amongst treatment resistant patients, and in some cases, have saved lives. Here’s what Dennis Hartman told Washington Post about his encounter with K therapy.

“My life will always be divided into the time before that first infusion and the time after. That sense of pain and suffering draining away. I was bewildered by the absence of pain”

I know, some of you who might be reading this will use the article as ammunition to justify recreational drug use, and that’s fine. But while it’s your own choice to accept the risks, take precautions, and enjoy yourself in moderation, it’s very easy to fall down the slippery slope of abuse and self-medication. Please do not try and treat yourself or your friends with your own illegal supply, and if you are suffering from depression, I urge you to seek professional help.


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