What’s crackin’ bass family? Welcome to another fantastic addition of Latecoast Lateday, just like regular West Coast Wednesdays, but with extra grains of late (for flavor). This week we have yet another wonderful array of mighty tunes for your thirsty ears, so crank up those speakers ‘cuz it’s time to wake the neighbors.

First up is a deadly collaboration between two of the west coast finest, Trevor Kelly & Shlump, who have come together to make RudeBoyNoize. Their debut EP, Tune In, out on ShadowTrix Music, features nine deep, dark, and incredibly well produced bass heavy tracks that are guaranteed to take you a journey you wont soon forget. These two really did something special with this EP right here, and we most definitely think you’ll agree. Grab it below!

Next up, what might just be the most anticipated underground release in recent memory. I’m talking of course, about Saturate Volume V. This absurdly massive collection of tune features some fantastically weird and gritty tunes from artists all over the globe, including some of our favorites from the west coast. G Jones, The OriGinALz, Bleep Bloop, SMKSGNLS, NastyNasty and more, all have tunes on this one, so if you a real fan, or if you’re just looking for some good music, definitely grab it below. Read our full review here!
This is one of our faves on there if you need a taste:

Full comp Here:

Now it’s time for a release we just can’t believe we missed. You guys, the new Gladiator EP, Transit, came out like a week and a half ago. This one is super special to us because Gladiator has been in our hearts since the late 2012 era, which is why we were kicking ourselves for missing this one. Anyway, in case you did too, and you’re fans like us, you’re welcome. This latest release of theirs shows off a diverse selection of marvelously unique trap, garage, & future bass tunes that very happily, and very loudly tells us that the boys are still out here killing it; and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Do not hesitate to swoop on this one if you haven’t already.

Next up the LA based madmad known as NGHTMRE just let us have a single off his upcoming EP, and it is f*cking absurd. “Burn Out” brings you up on an epically angelic note, and then drops you into a pit of pure traptastic insanity that is quite frankly, very pleasant. If this is just the tip of the iceberg that is his EP, then this spring is going to be very lit indeed.

Next it’s back up to the bay are for another tune we slept on last week. This time its a beastly trapstep banger by none of than our very own Ananaki. I told you this episode was going to wake the neighbors, and if above tracks didn’t this one most definitely f*cking will. “Siris” out for free download last week via Ananaki’s Soundcloud, gets real nasty real quick and makes sure to keep things fresh along the way as it proceeds to work over your sound system. Watch out for the breakdown here, it’s a doozy.

Finally to cap things off were going way up above the bay to Humboldt for a collab between the rising stars Suds and Wu Wei, out last Friday on MalLabel Music. The one thing we love about the Humboldt scene is it gives birth to so many epic collaborations, and this one right here might just be our favorite one yet. *Wu Wei’s* trademark spacework and ambient synths meet Suds’ signature grimey squishy trapstyle in such a way, that it gives birth to a completely new style, without compromising either artists strongest characteristics. It’s plain to see how much fun these two had on this one, and it’s a good thing too because we could honestly listen to a whole EP of this stuff. Grab it below!

Well that’s all for this week bassheads, until next time, stay lit!