For house music fans, a potential Swedish House Mafia reunion might wind up as one of the greatest moments in dance music history. Despite that, all three of its formers members have remained noncommittal about whether a potential reunion would ever come back. For former member Axwell at least, who is now a part of Axwell Λ Ingrosso alongside other former SHM member Sebastien Ingrosso, a reunion will never truly be out of the cards.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Axwell had this to say about his current musical direction with Sebastien as well as a potential reunion: “Obviously it’s a great thing that we have done and we loved every minute of it. But right now we’re enjoying this new ride and I think Steve [Angello] is probably the same.”

“I think we’re all in our happy places right now. Having said that it would be stupid of me to say never [to a reunion]. Maybe one day something will happen inside of us that says ‘boom’. But it’s more [likely to be] coming from us than at a festival.”

Speaking on the topic of a potential Axwell Λ Ingrosso album in the future, Axwell also remained similarly noncommittal and added that he’s “not sure” when a full album would take place.

“In the last six months, people’s attention span for albums has decreased to maybe just a week – unless it’s a stand out album…So that’s made us think is an album is the right way to go…We’re just enjoying making music and putting it out, there’s no major scheme.”


H/T: BBC Newsbeat