The wait is finally over, friends. Just as we were starting to lose hope, just as the overwhelming staleness plaguing a large part of the scene was starting to get us down… Saturate! Records appeared like a beacon of innovation and declared the following: Saturated Vol. 5 has been unleashed!

The fifth in their now infamously wild compilation series, this one boasts a whopping 28 tracks of pure, unadulterated weirdness. There are too many forward thinking champions of the underground on here to name a few without feeling like we’re leaving someone out, but just so you have an idea of what you’re in for: G Jones, Stylust Beats, Bleep BloopNastyNastyYheti, Noer the Boy, Subp Yao, and Zeke Beats all make appearances alongside a slew of other insanely talented beat hustlers and bass crankers. We’re especially pleased to see the label continuing their trend of introducing lesser and completely unknown music makers to our ever-hungry ears. This edition features peeps like YunisXLII, and Jango; names and sounds we’ve never heard before, but are ever so glad we have now. The whole album drips with low-end in basically all it’s varying forms and no track sounds even remotely like the one before it. Which is especially impressive given the feeling of cohesiveness the release still manages to convey; the common theme here must be both the desire and the ability to innovate.

There really aren’t enough good things we can say about this release; do yourself a favor and press ‘Play’ the minute you find an appropriately slappin’ sound system. Be sure to show this amazing label some support while you’re at it, as they deserve every last bit of it.


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