Madonna has gone through more than her fair share of incarnations, and knows a thing or two about the world of popular culture. To say she’s adept at forecasting trends and creating viral campaigns is a gross understatement, and her business venture, DanceOn, is only further testament.

DanceOn creates viral dance hits. They do it by promoting the content of 1,200 dance “influencers,” creating a digital network to gain exposure and instigate engagement. Artist contracts can range from a single track, to an entire catalog, and DanceOn can offer everything from management to promotion. In the case of Silentó’s “Watch Me,” DanceOn asked 50 of their creators to upload their own interpretations of the video, which had a direct part in driving over 250 million views in three months. In fact, YouTube’s Most Viral Video of the year is of toddler Heaven King dancing to the song. And over 644 million views later, everyone knows how to whip into a Nae Nae.

Just think, Madonna’s already played with Diplo; it’s only a matter of time before she crafts dance music’s next “Macarena.”


H/T Business Insider