Deadmau5’s studio is up and running, and that means we can expect more (finished) music in the near future. And seeing as he’s back on Twitter in what seems like full force, we can also expect a lot of teasers and clips, as well.

Deadmau5 says he’s just “working on crap,” but we think he’s being modest. This clip contains all the classic deadmau5 elements that we’ve come to love in career: heart-bleeding melodies, soft percussion, technical precision… oh, and the breathtaking view from his studio.

Also good news as this isn’t just random rabble coming out, he’s genuinely working on his next album.

Other things on the deadmau5 Twitter worth mentioning, the statement that he’d buy Tomorrowland was a total joke (duh). But… if he was going to book a festival, some kind of deadmau5 curated lineup, this is who he’d pick.

Lol jk.

kygo booked deadmau5