Varien made a huge announcement yesterday, debuting the name of his new project Koinu. It might be disingenuous to call this a side-project, as after speaking with Varien, he seems intent on running both of these projects at full steam ahead.

tl;dr: Koinu is my Knife Party, Varien is my Pendulum.

Koinu represents the work of many years, and the combination of electronic music and Japanese aesthetics.

“But Matt, doesn’t Porter Robinson already do that??”

Yeah, to an extent. Porter Robinson loves Japanese culture and all that it stands for, but rarely does that aesthetic make it into every corner of his brand or image. Koinu, from the name to the music to the branding to the clothing, is a full-on Japanese zeitgeist (I know I’m mixing cultures there, hush).

Read Varien’s full announcement below, and be prepared for his remix of CL’s “Hello Bitches” for free on Friday!

Announcement Time!I’d like to introduce you to my new side project, Koinu. A mix of hard EDM and jpop/anime…

Posted by Varien on Monday, February 8, 2016

Image via LM7