Dubbed “Her Forest”, the new Electric Forest program is a new initiative “that considers and builds upon the experience of women at Electric Forest,” per the company’s website. While there’s yet to be a full overview of all the activities on hand as a part of the new initiative, it’s supposed to focus on “connection, inspiration, and comfort” and will serve “a collaboration between women.”

Intended for women camping alone or for those who are just seeking a chance to connect and commune with fellow female members of the Forest Family, the Women’s Group Camp is the place to be. It will be located centrally within the GA Campgrounds which should make it relatively easy to find for all.

Camping spaces in the Women’s Group Camp are limited and those who would like to participate should sign up ASAP when sign ups open at 3 PM EST, Thursday, February 18th. Similar to the other Group Camps, joining will cost a nonrefundable fee of $40. Edith Johnson of The Festival Girl will play host to the Women’s Camp, and as the festival nears “Her Forest” will connect camp members to collaborate on various projects, coordinate arrival, and facilitate festival activities.

Listed below are the Camp Rules taken from the Electric Forest website.

Women’s Camp Rules

• Registration and payment of the Women’s Group Camp Fee is required in order to camp in this space.
• At minimum one (1) GA Camping wristband per person is required to qualify to join the Women’s Camp.
• The Women’s Group Camp is run like a true Group Camp, and there will be one (1) Group Camp Parking Pass issued for every three (3) members. Members must organize carpools with each other, and all other Group Camping rules will apply. To learn more about Electric Forest’s Group Camping program, click here.

As stated earlier, there will be more Forest initiatives coming soon so keep your ears to the ground #ForestFamily!


H/T: Electric Forest | Featured Image Source: EDMTunes/Chad Smith