MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, is preparing to enter its third phase of trials – the last before Food and Drug Administration approval and (hopefully) the federal legalization of MDMA for narrow medical purposes – but it needs your help.

In order to continue with Phase 3 trials, the MDMA used must be Current Good Manufacturing Practice certified, and the samples they’ve been using for Phase 2 were created in 1985 – ineligible for certification. To remedy the situation, MAPS has initiated the purchase of 1 kilogram of pharmaceutical-grade MDMA for $400,000 from Shasun Pharma Solutions overseas. That’s where you come in.

MAPS is inviting supporters to host or attend a “psychedelic dinner” in April to help the cause.

In addition to raising funds, MAPS spokesman Brad Burge says the dinners aim to reduce stigma about using psychedelic drugs, with MDMA not currently legal for medical use in any country.

According to a press release sent out yesterday, MAPS said “124 people in 19 countries had volunteered to host a dinner. So far, only one is publicly listed: the group’s April 17 anniversary dinner in Oakland, California.”

MDMA is currently undergoing trials as a potential treatment for severe PTSD and a variety of other ailments.

If you’d like to help, information about hosting or attending a dinner can be found here.

“We encourage mushroom tea so long as it’s the legal variety,” Burge says, humorously noting illegal drug use is not the purpose of the events.


via US News