Get ready to waste the rest of your day.

Beatmakers are not innovative anymore – there are basically hundreds of them around the web on flash players from 2004. However, Splice is in this awesome place where it can really create something unique using the tools at its disposal.

You see, Splice has a massively vast sample library called Splice Sounds. Splice has enabled these samples to be used through their proprietary Beatmaker for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found on Splice.

The tool also offers eight different instruments that users can pre-load with over 850,000 royalty-free samples from the Splice Sounds library.

And you can play around with the BPM, too.

Splice co-founder Steve Martocci says that the Beatmaker obviously isn’t meant for professionals, but it’s open to “people of all skill levels.”

“Education is a massive challenge in making music, we’re exploring how samples and loops can onboard people into their musical journey. It’s a big long term goal,” Martocci continues.

You can starting making your own beats here.