John Frusciante is no stranger to dance music. We’ve already seen the former Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist take steps into the genre with his various solo projects, and most recently with this acid-tinged Trickfinger alias.

Now, Frusciante is returning with another EP titled Foregrow, which expands the reach of Trickfinger into the realms of Jungle and footwork. The EP is set to release on April 16th via Acid Test, and is said to draw from John Carpenter’s “eternal scores,” in addition to the timeless sounds of the TB-303 synth. Previews are on their way soon, but for now we have the tracklist to speculate on.

A1. Foregrow
A2. Expre’act
B1. Lowth Forgue
B2. Unf

And for the uninitiated, here’s a collection of Frusciante’s earlier work:


H/T Magnetic Mag