Part of the reason I love living in Los Angeles so much is the sheer intensity of passion and tediousness that goes into throwing such large scale bass music events. With crews like Xcellerated, it’s quite easy to recognize how directly their hard work affects our club nights we all love and enjoy so much. After years of throwing exceptional shows at Los Globos, Jeremy Fitzgerald AKA DJ Construct has decided with his team that it was time to up the ante. Through years of trial experiences and prioritizing the drum and bass community in LA by providing countless American debuts, he decided it was time to take a leap of faith – and boy will it pay off. 

Now, the man himself has kicked the scene into high gear, in hopes to start off the new year with a Funktion One ‘bang’, with the announcement of one of the most anticipated performances in bass music on this side of the pond – Ivy Lab (yes, you read right). We at Your EDM have had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeremy to discuss his current endeavors going into the opening of Union tonight, February 18th.

Hey Jeremy! Stoked to have a sit down with you here to discuss the groundbreaking opening of one of LA’s newest super clubs. Tell us a bit about this massive club to premiere tonight!

We have the unveiling of a new Los Angeles mega club that has 8 rooms. There are 10 different underground bass music crews joining together for this special night in 5 unique rooms with over 45+ artists representing the different genres of bass music. For this special event in the main room we have Belgium’s biggest Drum & Bass promoter and multiple award winner “City Flow Music” hosting the main room for the first of a 6 stop world tour, so to make this night incredibly special we have the USA debut of Ivy Lab in the main arena along with loads of incredible talent. In the main room we have the USA debut of the legendary MC Funsta, the west coast debut of DJ Ruffstuff, the highly anticipated return of Benny Page along with the USA debuts of Gunman & Judah. Then we have America’s jump up ambassador Rawtee & myself DJ Construct warming things up. We also have emcee Zee who is one of Canada’s finest emcees, then we have 2 of Americas best emcees Dino & J-Tec who are residents at Xcellerated. For the other rooms we have a room called the noise room which is an insane Funktion 1 rig with Mass LA & Juke Bounce Werk hosting a 4 hour b2b Joe Nice Vs. Wheez-i.e set. In the tavern we have another Funktion 1 system with 2 long standing LA brands Wreck-ignition & I Love LA featuring loads of home grown local talent. In the upstairs loft we have Heavy Dub & Cavity Cult bringing a proper Dubstep lineup with Dack Janiels headlining, then in the circle bar we have Fugitive Sound Sessions & Cats & Boots Records, so with all these crews and rooms you can expect Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Juke, Footwork, Grime, Bass House, Reggae and loads more! Also lets not forget we have an amazing kitchen with Fresh pizzas, kebabs, gyros, rice bowls and much more too, so come early and grab a bite to eat or try an amazing drink special.

Wow! Sounds quite incredible. That’s a lot of talent under one roof! Moving forward, we all know how much of a cornerstone in the LA bass scene Los Globos had become over the years. Tell us at Your EDM what made the transition come about, and why Union?

I was at Los Globos for a couple years and brought a lot of the bass music shows there and some of the shows seemed like they needed a bigger space; some events outgrew the space and some events actually needed more rooms. Then back in September, I was presented with this awesome new venue and opportunity to get involved to create & help remodel this club that had incredible history behind it and I was immediately blown away. Never has LA seen a club of this size with this many rooms and with an incredible team that understands what is needed to make a successful event space. No penny was spared in recreating this space, while maintaining an underground vibe. So of course I left Los Globos & came on board at Union and it has been exciting. Of course I still love Los Globos and will throw some events here & there but once everyone sees this new spot then you will see there’s no explanation needed, this will be like the Fabric of LA.

We see you’ve announced the World Of Drum And Bass tour at Union in March! How excited are you for their return?

Xcellerated will be hosting the official west coast stop of the world of drum & bass 2016 tour, the LA stop has one of the best D&B lineups to hit LA in a while, for this stop we have the legendary Grooverider returning to the states along with Bossman of formation & WODNB DJ SS. Also on this night you have the insanely talented 4 deck wizard Crissy Criss and the Bossman of Technique Recordings Drumsound and Bassline Smith in addition to having a few extra headliners to surprise everyone with shortly-so stay tuned.

Lastly, anything else you would like to add?

Thanks to all the Xcellerated supporters out there. A lot of hard work has been going into this new club and I am sure everyone is going to love this new venue, I would even say that this will end up being the new bass music capital of Los Angeles. The club is special because it has an underground warehouse vibe so you’re just going to have to come out on Friday to experience this special new place.

Well there you have it, party people. Don’t miss out on a monumental night in bass music. As you can clearly gather from Jeremy’s glowing responses, there’s something for everyone here at Union. Don’t miss this one.

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