A few days ago, beat-maker KRNE released an official remix of Yogi‘s “SIRI,” featuring Pusha T and Elliphant, that easily comes as the hardest-hitting release on his roster. With a festival-oriented design and powerful, diverse sections, the song is an undeniable heater that will likely be played out during walloping trap sets all across the country. It’s currently available for free download here.

The track begins with a sharp piano melody and a quickly encroaching swell of noise. Fast-paced vocals from Elliphant accompany an abrasive percussion loop until the build begins. Electronic twangs and a series of claps lead upwards into the break, where a deep and overwhelming siren carries the main melody. Behind it, uncountable percussion hits and snaps make up the rhythm while a rumbling sub anchors everything to the ground. Pusha T’s verse is played out over the piano arpeggio from the beginning, eventually swelling once more into the second drop. A minimal chop of the siren synth, pitched high, uses negative space to transform the vibe. Pusha T returns once more, before the track drops back into the original break.

Click here to download the track for free!