Following his recent spot on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert alongside “Day One” vocalist Leikeli47, trap producer Baauer sat down with The Rolling Stone to discuss his upcoming album and production process. For nearly half of the conversation however, he continually spoke out against his world famous track that dominated the internet back in 2013, “Harlem Shake.”

“It was a happy accident and it didn’t take long to make the track. I was excited about it, but I didn’t think of it as crazy for any reason.”

According to the interview, after the track was replicated over 4,000 times across Youtube and other streaming platforms, Baauer woke up to unexpectedly find it at the top of Billboard‘s charts. Having not been able to make an impact with “Harlem Shake” just a year prior, he felt bothered by the sudden attention and fame.

“It became corny and annoying as fuck, and my name was attached to that. The opportunities it presented were priceless, but actual revenue, I don’t even know.”

Despite skyrocketing his career and helping him become an instant household name, Baauer said that that level of fame was something he doesn’t want to return to any time soon.

“I look at Kanye, who lives in that 24/7, and I can’t imagine what kind of a person you must be to deal with that. Just getting the smallest little touch of that experience was too much for me. I totally see what Kurt Cobain must have felt like when it happened to him.”

The concept of artists coming out in opposition to their previous work has become somewhat of a trend this week, as just earlier this week, Getter took to Twitter to express distaste for his own material. Whether it’s due to the fast pace of the dance music industry or just a short term identity crisis, we think the two should embrace their roots and be proud of the songs that lead them to where they are today!


Source: The Rolling Stone