It’s been debated whether the title of Kanye’s new album, The Life Of Pablo, is titled after Pablo Escobar, or Pablo Picasso. Turns out, Mr. West has released his latest work as an ode to Picasso, and now the family of the world-renowned artist has spoken up on how they feel about it.

Florian Picasso is Pablo Picasso’s great grandson, and is the DJ heir to his legacy. Florian has given Kanye’s The Life Of Pablo the blessing of the Picasso family, claiming that his visionary qualities are similar to that of Pablo’s. Adopted into the family at an early age, some might say that Florian has no right to speak on behalf of the Picasso’s. However, the roots which tie families together reach far beyond the physical; so while he may not be of blood relation, this approval of Kanye’s work is unprecedented.