Put a smile on your face, friends, because the weekend is here once again. And what better way to kick it off than getting wild and tribal with your bad self? If we’re in agreement on that, then Lost City has just the thing for you: a super hot, charged up mini-mix of that irresistible jungle sound.

If you aren’t familiar already, Lost City is the collaboration of Noah D and No Thing. These next-level beat hustlers have been striving to perfect their style and the culmination of their efforts is now within sight. The duo was recently signed to the renowned Liondub International imprint and they’ve got a banging 11-track LP chock full of bass heavy tunes appropriately entitled Lost City Meets Liondub International ready to smash any system it touches. Don’t get it twisted though; this isn’t a throwback jungle album. This is JNGL, Lost City‘s tried and tested concoction of traditional jungle and dancehall rhythms combined with cutting-edge modern production and the eclectic sounds of trap, dubstep, and other forms of new-school bass music. The mini-mix we have for you today showcases these tunes, each coming complete with energetic ragga vocals from Liondub‘s entire catalog. Check it out after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the full release in March!


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