Although Zedd’s True Colors has remained curiously absent from any awards lists this year, we still consider it one of our top 10 albums of 2015. Between the incredible tour and new stage, and the way that he built fan interaction into the album’s rollout, Zedd took last year as an opportunity to really grow as an artist.

However, since the album’s release, we’ve been eagerly waiting for new music. It’s no surprise that none has surfaced considering how busy Zedd must have been, but we’re finally getting something new.

Zedd teased on Facebook a new release with collaborator Aloe Blacc, whom fans might recognize as the featured vocalist on Avicii’s massive hit “Wake Me Up.” The release will come out on February 26th and will be called “Candyman.” Aside from that, no other information has been given.

Regardless, considering the scope of Zedd’s previous work, it’s safe to say that this will be making some waves.


Facebook share image courtesy of Rukes