Monstercat, since its inception, has had to fight off the thought of it being a one-stop shop label that only panders to a specific group. In reality, Monstercat has made it a mission to be as broad and diverse as possible, with releases from the quaint and melodic Mr FijiWiji or Draper, to the harder styles like Muzzy and Bustre; even some trance from Eminence sometimes makes its way onto their lists.

The last two releases could not have been further apart in style and substance.

The first earlier this week was from mystery producer Karma Fields for the new single “Greatness,” featuring Talib Kweli. Directed as always by Raven Kwok, the video is one third silhouette, one third lyric video, and one third complete acid trip. The music, dark and grungy, perfectly reflects the abyssal motif of the video.

Karma Fields continues to be one of Monstercat’s most visually stunning and adventurous projects.

The second comes from Hellberg, a complete 180 from Karma Fields. The track is “Synchronize,” featuring Aaron Richards, and it’s bright and hopeful. Making use of touching vocals and a dazzling progressive rhythm, Hellberg could be considered the antithesis of Karma Fields in this case.

Such is also true when examining the music videos back to back. Whereas “Greatness” is in greyscale and replete with ambiguous shapes and geometric formations, “Synchronize” is all about human connection and togetherness. It’s about overcoming adversity and learning to let go, even when it’s the hardest thing you could possibly do.

Monstercat has grown up. It’s been grown up for a while, but I think people are only just now finally starting to take notice.