Producer V A L E N T I N E has just taken to Soundcloud to upload his latest original, this time in the form of a bright and optimistic future bass crooner called “UR LOVE.” Featuring a fantastic array of interesting percussion choices, vocal cuts and an undeniable energy, the song is reminiscent of older works from such artists as Wave Racer or Basenji. It’s currently available for free download here.

It begins with bubbly synth stings alongside high-pithed vocal chops and squeaks. The song slowly swells upwards with the help of light, arpeggiated blips and a simple clap series. The break sees a warm, layered synth take center stage above a thudding kick drum and pulsating sub bass. Clicks and shakers swirl around the space while the song builds once more, until a resounding growl joins the layered synth in a new melody to finish the track off.

Click here to download the track for free!