Jack Ü made quite an impression on the 58th annual Grammy Awards. Skrillex and Diplo’s collaborative effort earned them awards for Best Dance/Electronic AlbumBest Dance Recording (as well as Justin Bieber’s first ever Grammy), and they even treated the audience to a live iteration of “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber front and center.

Most importantly, the performance sounded the arrival that dance music is indeed here to stay, with Incubus’ Mike Einzeiger on keyboard, Diplo on keyboard and percussion, Queens of the Stone Age’s Jon Theodore on drums, and Skrillex taking lead guitar. Nest HQ has just uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the collaboration, showing the world what went into making this production a reality.

Apart from some superfluous barefoot shots of Bieber, we get a look at how these artists came together to make this live interpretation of “Where Are Ü Now.” It’s obvious that even outside the studio, Skrillex and Diplo know how to make a track sound exactly as they envision. Watch the rehearsal below.