Dyro is back, and we couldn’t be more excited. Today we present to you the title track off his new EP, “Set Me Free” with Loopers. A more than fitting follow-up to their hit collab from early 2015, “Jack It Up,” this intense electro thriller puts in place an intriguing dichotomy between the dark and grimy sound Dyro is so well known for, and a more toned-down, emotive vocal line fit for the shadowy corners of your favorite nightclub.

These vocals have quite the interesting story, too, emerging perfected from out of nowhere thanks to Joe Taylor a mere two days before the WOLV release.

It’s apparent in listening, Dyro has laid legitimate claim to the electro house throne with this latest anthem, a supposedly disheartened genre that is found thriving better than ever in the Dutchman’s refreshingly unique productions. Check it out for yourself below… if this doesn’t get you excited for the rest of Dyro’s Set Me Free EP – which you can stream or download here – we don’t know what will.

set me free