Out of what you could essentially consider obscurity, phenom Slushii has taken the hearts of many with his innovative and popular sounds and styles. His remixes of Kaskade, I See MONSTAS & Botnek, and Galantis all showed up out of relatively nowhere, and were immediately reposted by various top-tier DJs like Ookay, Dotcom, and Marshmello. The latter, most importantly, has taken it to himself to bring Slushii under his wing – not surprising when you learn that Slushii has already joined Red Light Management, the team that also manages Ookay, Dotcom, Marshmello, and more.

Rumors of his identity began swirling, much like they did around other notable anonymous producers like Marshmello or Zhu. Even Mija was implicated in the accusations but for a moment…

Also, much like Marshmello, Slushii has just been pumping out tracks – six in the last week, including this new Zedd remix of “I Want You To Know” on the 16th.

His Soundcloud bio lists his name as Julian S., which after a little digging, leads us to Julian Scanlan. Julian has formerly gone by DJ Swoon, as well as one half of the duo Monsters With Tiny Mustaches with his partner MHKAZ. Julian began experimenting with different sounds closer to the Marshmello trap/jersey/bounce style in the past year or so, and Slushii is the result.

Obviously, he’s already seen great success with the brand, and we can only hope he keeps up the good work. We’re looking forward to more from Slushii in the coming months. He’s even got a Jauz collaboration coming that is bound to be quite a treat.

If anything, Slushii is a testament to how important branding and marketing is in current electronic music. Julian didn’t come out of nowhere – he’s been producing for years. Only when he had the right combination of sound, image, and presence was he able to make something happen.

Check out Slushii’s only original, “All I’ve Ever Wanted,” below.

Social Media Picture Credit: Ryan Farber Photography