Last night in the Marlin Room of NYC’s Webster Hall, security assaulted the headlining performer. While the incident did not occur in the 2nd Floor Grand Ballroom where DJs headline, but being fans of music in general, it’s important to note that happenings such as this have massive repercussions for all genres, not just the one involved. Though the assault involved rap singer Skate Maloley, it reminds us all too much of past episodes of overzealous security.

FYER‘s tour manager was assaulted with a knife at Backwoods Festival, Getter was robbed at gunpoint last March, and more than once, Carnage has been wrongfully accused of inciting riots.

Regardless of the cause or who may be involved, it’s incidents such as these which prompt a heinous over-reaching of police to control “event risk.” Just check out this ridiculous legislation proposed in Philadelphia.

One fan caught it all on video, but beware that the footage is quite violent. Watch the clips below, and find Skate Maloley’s apology to his fans.