Earlier this month, Australia’s historic Laneway Festival series touched down in cities all across the nation and beyond. Alongside such acts as Vince Staples, SOPHIE and Goldlink, native FlumeĀ played out a stunning and high energy set in anxious anticipation of his fabled, second studio album, Skin.

In a video captured by one attendee, Flume can be seen playing out two, brand new ID tracks that we can only believe have come from his upcoming album, following the set’s unreleased, introductory track.

The first one, which can be found at 8:13, begins with a slowly approaching series of high-pitched wails that lead suddenly into a section saturated by abrasive and raw percussion strikes. Deadly silence fills the gaps in between the phrases, until distorted R&B vocals take over the spotlight. Eventually, a sharp, dynamic synth spills into the space with layered intensity.

The second comes at 20:12, and starts with resounding bass tones that build below a metallic, screeching arrangement of beeps. The sections overlap and evolve, until the track becomes a raucous onslaught of cymbal crashes, pounding kick drums and strobe lights.

Watch the full 30-minute clip below.