If you’ve been on Facebook today, or any social media really, then I would find it hard to believe you’ve avoided seeing the news about Kesha. Under a court ruling, it was decided that Kesha could not work unless under the supervision of her longtime manager Luke Gottwald.

Kesha received an outpouring of support from friends and celebrities alike, including a $250,000 “donation” from Taylor Swift. However, more relevant to our own tastes, it was Zedd who stepped forward to lend a helping hand.

Now, we’re not 100% on the intricacies of label affairs or legal proceedings in this case, although we’re sure a good lawyer could figure it out, so there’s a chance this isn’t even possible. But, it’s a show of good faith nonetheless that Zedd wants to help her out. Because as much as we all might like to rag on Kesha’s old music a bit, she does have a really good voice. And with Zedd behind? Damn, I’d pay for that.