Today, Kaskade was finally able to unveil a once-in-a-lifetime live performance that will have fans in the southern California area come together like never before. In an exciting move, he took to Facebook yesterday to upload a minute-long teaser video that gives details on a very special May 7th performance at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Home to such events as E3 and the L.A. Auto Show, the 720,000 square foot, 23,000 capacity arena is a truly enormous space. With Kaskade’s unrivaled stage set up and production being an inevitability, it looks to be one of his most massive and memorable shows to date.

LOS ANGELES!!!Felt like I was going to explode trying to keep a lid on this show but FINALLY can talk about it!May…

Posted by Kaskade on Monday, February 22, 2016

By visiting Kaskade’s official website here, attendees can purchase pre-sale tickets beginning this Wednesday, February 24, before the formal sale on Friday. As he says in this Facebook description, “Pre-sale is where it’s at.”

The show also presents quite a momentous occasion in Los Angeles history. Since 2010’s Electric Daisy Carnival at the LA Coliseum, EDM has been essentially barred from downtown Los Angeles, promoter Insomniac especially. Though the promoter regularly hosts shows at Exchange LA, Create, and the Hollywood Palladium, this is the first Insomniac & Exchange LA curated show since 2010 held on LA city property.

According to LA Weekly, “The Electric Daisy Carnival controversy in 2010 and 2011 inspired then-city Councilwoman Janice Hahn to propose banning raves at the Convention Center,” however the plan eventually “fizzled out.” Unfortunately, the lasting effect on Insomniac was still felt.

With such a legendary and immense venue at his disposal, Kaskade has the potential to curate the most epic and immersive performance in his history. Make sure to lock down your tickets ASAP!


H/T LA Weekly