Last week, producer duo Fight Clvb released the video to their original track, “Donald Trump.” The video was aimed at making fun of Trump, his character and his policies. It worked – it was featured on World Star and has received a modest 40,000 views on World Star and YouTube combined.

What they didn’t count on was attracting the attention of Trump’s team, and receiving an order of Cease & Desist.

When you get that cease and desist from Donald Trump’s attorney :/

Posted by Fight Clvb on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The picture is a little small, it reads:

It has come to our attention that you have constructed a song that uses our client Donald Trump’s name and likeness. We are also aware that the song is for sale […] Neither clearance nor consent has been requested or granted to you.

The letter demands four actions from Fight Clvb: first, that they remove the song from all digital platforms currently monetizing the track. Second, delivery of all project files and existing material pertaining to the song. Thirdly, the cessation of any reference to Donald Trump in future endeavors. Lastly, submit the third in writing.

Fight Clvb posted again yesterday, saying that they just got off the phone with legal counsel. Stating that the Cease & Desist is generally used as a scare tactic, Fight Clvb isn’t planning on following any of the orders of action at this time, opting instead to be rabble-rousers. You can see their video response below:

Just got off the phone with legal. Here’s an update on our Donald Trump situation.

Posted by Fight Clvb on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Watch the video here while you still can: