Truth be told, the man… the legend… the one and only “Executioner” has returned from his slight slumber, not once, but twice. After so many non-stop touring cycles, it’s quite impressive to see a man like him still have so much time to pour his energetic signature into every ounce of his productions. With running RAM Records, smashing a city near you and inspiring so many drum and bass fans from ages all over the spectrum, you’d expect the guy to get… I don’t know, tired? Wrong. Dead wrong. 

With the original tune rebirthing his pioneer original junglist sound paralleling jump up sounds and gleeful chord progression, it’s almost as though he’d recreated the exact ‘90s drum and bass banger – and modernized it. This is by no means an easy task. Now, with the VIP, he’s delivered yet another twist on his already banging original. By adding a groovier touch to it along with slightly differentiating dynamics, it delivers a quality addition to the man’s newly reestablished artistry. The man is unstoppable…. but it’s not like ANYONE is denying that.