There are so, so many artists that are ready to make 2016 their year. A lot of it has to do with a certain mentality, a readiness in character that shows in every facet of their personality and online persona. And then there are those that are looking to make a lasting impact on the scene, like Martin Garrix releasing his debut album.

It’s something that a lot of fans have been looking forward to for the past year, ever since rumors of it started swirling. But now, Martin Garrix has absolutely, 100% confirmed that his debut album will be dropping in 2016.

Martin Garrix recently sat down with #FFWD2016 on Twitter to talk about his aspirations, and what 2016 will look like for him. Other than the album, Garrix talks about breaking out of the EDM mold by working with more rappers and singers – whether they will be featured artists on his own work, or he will be doing production behind the scenes, wasn’t specified. He also talks about how much social media has helped him engage with fans.

Check out the video below!