How old were you in 2001? Were you into electronic music yet? Were you even born yet?

Electronic music has seen its fair share of trials and tribulations over the past 15 years, but one thing has remained constant… Daft Punk’s Discovery is still one of the greatest electronic albums of all time. If not for its actual production quality, then for its lasting impact on electronic music and producers everywhere.

I know of so many who have been directly influenced by the French duo, even Skrillex. Their music is instantly accessible and instantly recognizable – I defy you to find someone who doesn’t know the sound of church bells ringing in “Aerodynamic,” or who doesn’t know the words to “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

And while people mostly know those two tracks and maybe a couple more like “One More Time” and “Digital Love,” the entire album is quite simply an epic work of art.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Discovery‘s release on February 26, 2001. Relive the magic by listening to it below: