The Him has quickly become one of our favorite projects of 2016. The duo hailing from Amsterdam seems to have a penchant for beautifully melodic and wonderful pieces of music, so it’s not a surprise that they’ve been given the opportunity to remix the newest original from Otto Knows, “Dying For You.”

One thing that I notice in music is a deception of expectation – and what I mean by this is that a producer will try to switch a basic progression up on the listener to make a track more unique or eye opening. Sometimes this works, but many times, it’s a quick pass to turning people off. There is a biological expectation to how music progresses, and messing with this can often lead to disastrous effects.

Now, experimentation is still important in music. Think of it this way: The Him manages to color within the lines, but they use colors you’ve never even heard of before. You can see the picture exactly as it was meant to be seen, but it’s at the same time more beautiful and breathtaking than you could have expected.

Check it out below.