The mau5hax bus tour is underway, and we’re more than hyped for what’s to come. Featuring personal and down to earth performances from Rezz, Matt Lange, Attlas, Steve Duda and the mau5 himself, this tour is bound to leave many with a memory they’ll cherish for years to come.

What we’re personally most excited about, however, is the new music that will be coming. Generally, on a bus tour, producers are forced to make music on laptops thanks to the limited space available. But we know deadmau5 isn’t about that laptop life…

mau5hax bus studio

This picture posted yesterday on the mau5trap Facebook page is the inside of the mau5hax bus!! There’s a fully functional studio inside the bus. Just… just look at it.

And with some of our favorite mau5trap artists joining along for the ride, we can expect a lot of new music from everyone involved. Be sure to keep your eye on deadmau5 in the coming weeks, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot from him soon.


Featured image via Rukes