London trap/bass group Raylo recently delivered their debut single for Ultra Music, ‘Winner’ – which has seen incredible success, particularly after Pot Noodle used it in their latest ad. We chatted to the guys about the single and more…

What first brought you all together as a collective?

We are all from the same area in west London. Rux and George worked in the Saga centre where all the studios are, everyone just gravitates towards that place.

Who does which roles within the group?

Reece and Teni write the toplines and vocal melodies. Rux and George write the music and do the production/mixing.

How did Ultra first notice your work?

That came about because of the Pot Noodle ad. Nathan at Bright Young Things put the track in front of Ultra when the ad started going viral…. It just kicked off from there.

Where did the inspiration for ‘Winner’ come from?

To be honest, it is pretty obvious. We just wanted to do big positive track that’s full of energy and gives a good a message.

It got picked up by Pot Noodle for their most recent TV ad – how did that affect the reactions to the single?

People have been amazing. It’s been crazy seeing the response, and a positive response just makes you want to keep writing.

What comes next for you guys?

We already have new tracks ready to drop. Once the buzz from ‘Winner’ dies down we’ll start dropping them and see how they go down.

Will we eventually see an album?

We kinda have enough material for two! Rux and George ghost write for a lot of people, before you know it you look in your iTunes and material has just stacked up… Let’s just see what happens!