The newfound prodigy has returned after the success of his magnificent debut album, Next Generation, on RAM Records, with new tune “Tip Toe.” If you lot are anything like me, you’ve been waiting for this tune to witness the extraordinary light of day for far too long. Through his signature minimalistic style aligned with flawless engineering, young newcomer Bensley is everything we want and more from the new generation of producers. As an artist, goals must be set to master your own characteristic sound that’s specific to you and your artistry. This man’s touch and flavor can be heard from miles away, and I can almost guarantee you’d know it’s him.

If you don’t quite yet know the story of this groundbreaking artist and the rarity of his kind, I’d encourage you to do your research. Maybe the impact will come from how quickly he was signed to RAM. Maybe it will come from how many tunes he’d amassed in an inventory of productions prior to being picked up. Personally, I think the overall mind boggling assets of his success will generate from just a few listens to his projects. That, and that alone will shower you with evidence of this man’s talent. Trust us when we say, the kid is just getting started.

Release date: March 11th