That’s right, folks, the king of shanti-ratchet bass music is back with a whole new album to tickle your aural G-spot and get that rump bumpin’. SOOHAN‘s previous releases, Made in Baltimore and Volume Twohan, were both genre-bending showcases of this rising star’s talent and Global Gate 808 certainly continues the trend.

Flawlessly meshing elements of world music, hip-hop, and varying styles of bass music with an ability to sample and mash that rivals icons like Girl TalkSOOHAN brings an energy to his productions rarely found elsewhere. His global and musical sensibilities combine to create a style that is uniquely his own, and this latest release only serves to further solidify his status as an innovator. Global Gate 808 is especially unique in the sense that all ten tracks it contains are remixes from artists from across this big, blue planet of ours. You’ll hear sounds and styles from France, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Greece, Turkey, and many more throughout the album, all served up on a bed of crisp 808s that roll more seductively than any belly-dancer. Easily recognizable hip-hop samples are sprinkled on every track to add a distinctly urban flavor, making for extremely enjoyable sonic juxtapositions. We’re especially glad this release came when it did, as festival season is rapidly approaching; the thought of hearing these tunes on massive, outdoor sound-system makes us giddy with excitement.

In the meantime, you can check out the full stream of Global Gate 808 after the jump and grab the free download here. If you’re truly digging the vibe, SOOHAN encourages you to seek out the original composers of the music he samples and show them your support. Last, but far from least, check out this stellar interview with the man himself if you’re looking to learn more about his style and background!

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