Dutch superstar Hardwell is slated to perform at Miami Music Week on March 16th at Nikki Beach, a performance that will undoubtedly see massive attendance. However, it goes without saying that an even bigger number of fans will miss the event, unable to make their way to Miami for witness the world’s (now) #2 DJ. Luckily, some crazy technology has granted those that will miss the set the opportunity to experience it in real-time in a full, 360-degree live stream.

This ground-breaking live stream will be hosted by LeaseWeb, broadcasting company VBR, and Littlstar, a global network that specializes in immersive virtual-reality and 360-degree video. State-of-the-art cameras will stream the set to any and all VR headsets, allowing fans to feel as if they are really on stage, behind the decks with Hardwell himself. The stream will be available on Littlstar’s website, which can be accessed HERE.

Check out a preview/announcement of the stream below and be sure to head back here for the stream on the 16th!