A week ago, our favorite bass producer KRNE released a deadly 8-track EP, Debris, as a free download via BitTorrent Bundle. With four soulful, heavy originals and four collaborations with AIRWAV, Alexander Lewis, Exyle and Herzeloyde, the breadth and diversity within the EP quickly become some of its most defining factors. As a whole, the collection comes as what I can only describe as a pack of KNRE essentials; the style of each track is instantly recognizable, despite their differences, and each listens both musically complex and hard-hitting enough to be lively and danceable.

The full EP can be downloaded via the above hyperlink, but two of the tracks are also available for streaming on his Soundcloud page. The first is “On My Way,” an AIRWAV collab in the form of a sensual, R&B-infused original that combines interesting vocal manipulation on top of delicate synth stings and a warm sub bass. The next is called “Ascension,” and features Exyle. Its use of minimal melodic elements and a heavier focus on the percussion section makes the track a true, laidback swayer. Each can be listened to in the below players.

If the two uploads tickle your fancy, download the entirety of Debris to continue the feeling.