There’s no denying that dance music’s popularity right now is at an all-time high. New festivals are taking hold seemingly every weekend of the year, and tons of new, aspiring artists are springing out of the woodwork waiting for their chance or their big break. Germany has long been one of the first frontiers for dance music – a beacon for underground house and techno – but now, a number of fast-rising artists who hail from Germany are ready to make their mark on the dance music world. One of these artists is the 23-year-old TOPIC, who is making a name for himself with his vocal-driven tracks with an electronic tinge that is decidedly unique in this era of dance music where imitation is more common than not.

TOPIC’s debut original in 2014, “Light It Up,” was an instant hit, and now, he’s back with his latest gem, “Home” featuring Nico Santos, and he’s got a stunning music video alongside it. “Home” has been quickly making the rounds in the music industry, even charting its way to #1 on Shazam’s “Future Hits,” as the track features a unique blend of four-on-the-floor groove and smooth vocals with just the right touch of energy. You can check out the official music video below, vote for the video on MTV here before it ends Friday, and get your copy of “Home” here.