It’s one of those widely known but otherwise unspoken truths that a lot of people in the music industry do cocaine. Along with other drugs, it’s talked about at length in genres like hip hop, but it has never so brazenly been put out to the public with electronic music as in Kill The Noise and Feed Me’s collaboration, “I Do Coke.”

The lyrics alone are enough to spark fear in parents, but now, the music video has come out and it’s about as subtle as a rooster attaining orgasm. Scenes of rampant and plentiful cocaine use basically fill up all the time in the video, from the club, to the club bathroom, to an existential drug-induced fantasy world with cheerleaders wearing jerseys that say “SNORT.”

The track predictably stirred up controversy over whether it was promoting drug use, or pointing out the dark reality of the music business and the lengths that some people go to in order to (attempt to) be successful.

Kill The Noise explains: “In this story the message is that if you aren’t careful, you can become figuratively (and literally) consumed by your lifestyle of addiction. The main character in this story has found himself stuck on an endless merry-go-round that goes nowhere.

Various artists make cameos in the video as well, including Gigantor of Evol Intent, and Feed Me and Kill The Noise themselves.

The video was directed by Brandon Dermer, produced by DJ Brawer (Anthem Films), and stars Tom Sandoval.