BlackGummy presented himself as a primary gameplayer of the mau5trap team after making his debut on the label’s fourth installment of the “We Are Your Friends” compilation series. After working under the prestigious sound engineer Steve Duda and attending the Icon Collective production school in Southern California, BlackGummy took his top-tier training and applied it to his experiential creative style. The result of this has lead into the release of his debut EP Singularity.

The four track EP is adark industrial narrative that introduces the concept of a more technologically advanced future where artificial intelligence reigns over human intelligence. The first song “The Machine”, which dropped a week ahead of the EP’s release, stands out with its hefty bass line and reverberating drums. The song opens with a voice sample declaring “a pivotal moment in our history and our first step in the path towards singularity”, acting as the EP’s prelude. “Plucking Technology” presents us with a journey with classic organ chords that build tension as they ebb and eventually fade out. “Alarm” leads into distorted bass hits and minimal percussion, while the EP’s final track “The Unseen” ties it all together with its dark techno rhythms and sporadic beats.

BlackGummy’s sound design and approach to Singularity are well-deserving of applause. The artist has proven himself to be be a vital newcomer in the mau5trap family and one can only assume the producer will garner more attention in the months to come. Buy the EP here.