What do you get when you put most of the up-and-coming producers in LA in a house together in the Hollywood Hills, and then add Carter Cruise to the mix? You get the music video to the Nightowls & Sam F collaboration, “SUS.”

You can pretty much see every rising producer in LA in this video, from Jack Squire to Swage to Astronaut to Ditta & Dumont, and more. The story follows Carter’s character as she molests, robs, and tricks various male producers leading to mostly unfavorable results for the males. The last 45 seconds of the video or so are just everyone having a major house party, celebrating what we assume is the wrap of a successful video shoot.

For those wondering, the app you see on Carter’s phone at the beginning is called Radiate – it’s definitely worth checking out. Also shout out to Electric Styles for those dope light-up shoes in the video.