Hailing from the nation of Georgia, 17-year-old producer Zaza has just caught the attention of Skrillex with a powerful and festival-oriented remix of his collaborative track with Wiwek and Elliphant, “Killa.” With direct support from the man himself, Zaza’s high-octane trap flip is likely to jumpstart his already climbing production career. It was premiered today through Nest HQ, and propels the original track into a wailing, spastic universe filled to the brim with abrasive percussion and rumbling sub bass.

The track begins with a lively series of percussive strikes and whooshes, before a thudding kick drum enters the space. Elliphant’s vocals emerge over the fray, eventually carrying the remix upwards into the build. Swirls of noise and an ascending vocal loop explode outwards into a shrieking lead synth that’s thrown around the mix above teeth-rattling sub bass. The track devolves into its original arrangement briefly before swelling once more. This time, the release sees the lead simplify into sharp, repetitive stabs.