My own history with Digitalism is sparse, but vibrant. I first learned of them, of course, through their seminal 2007 album, Idealism. Tracks like “Pogo” and “Idealistic” solidified their status immediately as producers worthy of notice and praise. Their 2011 album, I Love You Dude, was met with lukewarm appeal, and they’ve been largely quiet ever since, putting out the occasional remix or mix.

However, seven days ago, Digitalism quietly put out three new singles from their upcoming third studio album, Mirage, out May 13. The powerfully electro tracks are tinged with alt rock and punk influences, and they’re simply incredible. They each feel so distinctly Digitalism, but they’re perfectly crafted and molded to the modern electronic space. The tracks range from over six minutes to just under three, and the variety and craftsmanship are nothing to scoff at.

Check them out below, hopefully you’re just as hyped as I am, even if you’ve never heard of them before.

The 15-track album is out May 13. Pre-Order